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I, Apollo - "Surface"

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Artist Bio:

Dubbed “The Millennium Falcon of Metalcore,” I, Apollo is a metalcore quintet from a small town in Ohio featuring Cole Smith (Guitar), Brendyn Moxley (Vocals), Justin Coleman (Guitar), Andrew (Droopy) Laird (Bass), and Quinten Hurd (Drums).

I, Apollo started touring before anyone in the band was 21. So far they have completed 3 tours hitting 22 states. In addition to touring with numerous bands including direct support for I Set My Friends on Fire, they have also played at a sold out shows, packed houses and music festivals with such notable acts as All That Remains, Starset, Slipknot, and many others.

I, Apollo recorded their five song EP titled “Stranded” with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome! Studios in Bay City, MI. The band, known for their heavy promotion, passed out well over 3,000 demos before the official release of the EP. “The funny thing about passing out physical demos is you never see any other bands working the streets like we do. Meeting people you would never reach online.” This has been a major accomplishment for I, Apollo, gaining over 5,000 true fans on Facebook by working the streets and touring.

“These young guns have everything that it takes to make that next step and I believe they are well on their way.” – The Rustbelt Chronicles

The band wrote the “Stranded” EP in 2014 and scheduled studio time to record the five songs. Listening to scratch tracks the night before the recording session, the band decided to relieve their then vocalist of his duties. “It just wasn’t what we wanted to sound like.” With this move, the band had no lyrics, no vocalist, but headed to the Random Awesome! studios anyway. The plan was to just record instrumentals only.

Once in the studio, the band decided to rewrite all the lyrics. Brendyn Moxley, moved from guitar to the mic and nailed it. I, Apollo found the sound they were looking for.

The songs on the EP tackle everything from the AMC TV show “The Walking Dead,” relationships, betrayal, growing up, honesty, life experiences and modern dilemmas. The band comes through the music expressing views that speak directly to disenfranchised youth, music lover, and the down and out looking for a voice in today’s music. In love with music from an early age, I, Apollo lives, breathes and eats metal.

TOUR: Catch I, Apollo on tour with I Set My Friends On Fire in August, starting in Baltimore, MD.

About The Video: “Surface” by the band I, Apollo, was inspired by The Governor, a character from the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead. Featuring the album artwork by Dan Mumford (A Day to Remember, Miss May I), Corbin Thomas of wellcan media (Starset, Maroon Five, Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, American Music Awards) brings this lyric video to life. The sense of hopelessness, helplessness, loneliness and pain created by The Governor’s evil deeds are illustrated through the song’s deep, dark lyrics. Intense flashing lyrics harken to lightening on a dark, stormy night as a girl stands alone atop a cliff looking over a city off in the distance, out of reach. Tentacles, a metaphor for The Governor’s evil, reach from the depths of hell to claim one more victim. Facing the choice between evil and an unknown fate, our heroine leaps from the cliff into a deep pit of uncertainty. The video ends with the girl once again standing atop a cliff, facing the future with hope.

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The Fantastic Plastics - "It's All Plastic"

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Artist Bio:

Brooklyn based New Wave revivalists The Fantastic Plastics can simply be described as "Candy Coated Cyanide." They blend pop sensibility with cutting lyrical content and wrap it all up with thick analog synths and gritty guitars. Originally based in central Illinois, The Fantastic Plastics relocated to NYC in late 2012 and began refining their look and sound. As a mainstay on the local indie scene the two piece consisting of Miranda Plastic on Moog, Theremin and vocals and Tyson Plastic on guitar and vocals continue to be a can't miss show with their amazing video installations, stage uniforms, and sing along anthems that serve as a harbinger for a future overrun by technology.

About The Video: Featuring stop-motion animated dolls, lots of wacky costumes, choreographed dance moves and inspired by the often strange world of YouTube celebrities: Mini scientist versions of The Fantastic Plastics create a weird world in which it is difficult to tell what is real and what is plastic.

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